As the occupiers recently stated, they allegedly “sold at auction” the Alushta boarding house “Lazurny bereg” (“Côte d’Azur”), and the supposed control of the boarding house to the structures of the “jailed oligarch” Igor Kolomoisky was stated by the local propagandists as the “ground” for this “redistribution of property” by collaborators.
At the same time, the occupiers included “Lazurny bereg” in the “privatization plans” many times, for example, as “a group of inventory objects with a plot of land located underneath them,” declaring the object as supposedly “the property of the Republic of Crimea”.
As we previously wrote, in the process of “nationalization” for the occupiers, one of the goals was to “re-register the property” of those beneficiaries, who are still in the territory, controlled by the Ukrainian authorities or have a business there, in order to provide them with an “alibi” in the eyes of law enforcement officers and within the framework of sanctions lists.
An analysis of the situation with the long-term construction of “Lazurny bereg”, which Alushta inherited from Soviet times, and which is considered more as a site for new development than as a structure to be completed, obviously confirms this version.
The unfinished “Lazurny bereg” boarding house complex, which allegedly previously “belonged to Kolomoisky,” was “nationalized” by the occupiers on September 3, 2014.
Now this sanatorium was quietly “sold” for 881 million rubles, that is, “went under the hammer at the same price as was originally stated”, and the Moscow company “Sputnik Management” allegedly became the “new owner”.
The formal founder of this company with a minimum authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles until April 12 was a certain no-name from Elektrostal near Moscow, Vladislav Oleshchenko, engaged in “retail trade by mail or via the Internet”, and the head was a certain Dmitry Zimin.
At the same time, “Sputnik Management” itself was the “founder” of the so-called “firm” “Gufo Selvatico”, “registered” in the registers of occupiers in Gurzuf at Pushkin Embankment, 7.
At the same Gurzuf address is the “firm” “Yuzhny Bereg” (“South Coast”), where until January 2023 the “director” was the same Vladislav Oleshchenko, but the “founders” since 2022 have been two “closed combined mutual investment funds”, “Indigo” and “Discovery”.
At the same time, “Gufo Selvatico”, as it follows from “quotas for the extraction of hunting resources” for roe and deer received from the occupiers, was engaged in the business of “services for tourist hunters”, and precisely in the territory of Big Alushta, where Alexander and Vladimir Badinworked for this structure, at the same time – as huntsmen of the “Alushta forestry and hunting estate”.
However, the real beneficiaries of this scam are not revealed by the Alushta deer, but by the Gurzuf address of the mentioned “firms”, where the “recreation and health complex” “Pearl of Crimea” is located, renamed by the occupiers to the “complex” “Gurzuf Center”.
Until 2014, the formal owner of the complex was the all-Ukrainian charitable foundation “Garant”, registered in Kyiv by people’s deputy and one of the co-founders of the “Party of Regions” Gennady Samofalov, by former deputy of the Kyiv City Council Igor Sotulenko and by the head of the fund Anatoly Babich.
At the same time, “Garant” received two corresponding Gurzuf health resorts, after their privatization in 2004, from the “Professional” charitable foundation, created under the “sensitive leadership” of the then head of the tax service of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, and both funds were actually controlled by Azarov and his son Alexey, were located at the same address on Kyiv’s Velikaya Vasilkovskaya Street, and with the same founders close to Mykola Azarov and his son.
We wrote earlier that back in 1999, Azarov granted the “Professional” foundation exclusive powers and a monopoly on the sale of tax confiscated funds. It was the odious “Professional” fund with more than 50 subsidiaries that became an instrument of primary capital accumulation for Azarov.
Moreover, this system operated according to the principles of the criminal world familiar to Donetsk politicians, since Azarov’s people threatened to collect tribute from businesses, forcing them to make “voluntary donations to the fund”.
We wrote that the foundation of the clan of Mykola Azarov and his son Alexei were two buildings seized by the “Professional” foundation in Kyiv, which were then re-registered as the “Garant” foundation. These are objects on Zhitomirskaya street, 19-B and Baseina street, 7-B. Together with the sanatorium “Sunny Transcarpathia”, all this became the property of the “chairmen” of Azarov’s companies as “voluntary donations”.
Immediately after the beginning of the occupation of Crimea, Andrei Dvoryaninov, known for drunken fights in nightclubs and immunity from prosecution by occupiers’ security forces for bribery, the former head of the Yalta tax police and the owner of the “Geneva” restaurant beloved by the occupiers, actively helped the Azarovs with the “re-registration” of the stolen goods in Gurzuf.
Already on August 8, 2014, the “Pearl of Crimea” was “re-registered” in the “Russian registers” as the “Gurzuf Center”, and the “founders” were the same Ukrainian foundation “Garant”. Now “Gurzuf Center”, “registered” in the same house as the mentioned “Gufo Selvatico” and “South Coast”, has as its “founder” the next Moscow no-name Sergei Gorlov.
Let us note that after the “re-registration” of Azarov’s assets, “for some reason, the “mayor” of Gurzuf, who went over to the side of the occupiers, Andrei Sandul, who held the position of village head and assisted Azarov before the occupation, “suddenly died”. He is known for the fact that, together with the “chairman of the town council” Roman Derkach and his assistant Natalya Isaeva, he held a non-existent “session” at which, using stolen seals and forms, he retroactively allocated a land mass for the “cottage settlement of the heroes of the Crimean spring” to Aksyonov, Sheremet, Poklonskaya and their “associates”.
As we previously wrote, Sandul died of a heart attack after a joint flight with bandit Anatoly Motlokhov, since the “authoritative” mafioso Nikolai Azarov did not like the “uneducated, impudent orks” in his neighbors in Gurzuf, as both Azarov and the people from his first circle of contacts spoke about the gauleiters of Crimea appointed by the Kremlin.
However, then Azarov obviously found a “way of coexistence” with these “arrogant orks,” since the scam described above with the “nationalization” of the Alushta long-term construction project became another criminal move by the insatiable pro-Russian corrupt person and his clan to preserve and expand his Crimean “business empire”.

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