Previously, our Association has repeatedly notified the authorized bodies of European countries, including France, and the EU about a number of provocations carried out by the aggressor. In particular, we described the situation with illegal supplies by the French company C.S.M. BESSAC equipment for laying a tunnel by the occupiers in the Bakhchisarai discrict.

The executor of the illegal construction of the specified hydrotunnel is the Russian “Tunnelgeostroy”. Another company is also involved in the construction of this water conduit, the Russian “Repair and construction of PR and SS networks”, previously involved in the construction of “Nord Stream” facilities.

For illegal work, the occupiers use an electric train for tunnel structures manufactured by the aforementioned corporation C.S.M. BESSAC, registered in Saint-Jory, Haute-Garonne, with branches in the United States, Canada and many other jurisdictions.

Now our Association has received notification from the European Commission that this case, described in the appeal, prepared by Professor Borys Babin, has been preliminary studied by the European External Action Service (EEAS) and submitted for investigation to the national competent authorities of France, and that EEAS will report on its results. The ARC will continue monitoring the situation and appropriate interaction with the EU structures.

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