During Second Black Sea Security Conference of Crimea Platform, which took place in Sofia on April, 14-15, Expert of our Association, Olesya Tsybulko, described to event’s participants the aggressor’s systemic provocations against the sovereignty of Bulgaria, including local agents of influence and agents based in Crimea.
Since 2021 our Association researched the Russian provocations against Bulgaria’s sovereignty that were committed by criminal “Crimean algorithms”. Before Russia’s broad-scale aggression we published the investigation about “Lukoil Neftohim Burgas” oil refinery located in Burgas, Bulgaria, that was the key tool of Russia’s influence on Balkans, with relevant criminal role of Russian spy Georgiy Muradov, that acts on “Crimean direction” since 2014.
We researched illegal activities of so-called “Chief Bulgarian of Crimea” Ivan Abazher, including scam with fake “journalist” Asya Ivanova-Zuan, with certain “Russian gymnasium” in Burgas, and of Asen Asenov’s activities with Bulgarian marginal party “Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland”.
Also we researched the illegal activities of majors of Opan town Gencho Kolev and of Kalofer town Rumen Stoyanov, as well as the chairman of the “Professional Association of the Rose Producers in Bulgaria” Hristo Nikolov who arrived illegally in the occupied peninsula. After our relevant communication with EU bodies on those issues we got information from European Public Prosecutor’s Office in April that relevant Association’s submission were transferred to Bulgaria’s Supreme Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation.
Olesya Tsybulko described also to her Bulgarian colleagues the latest Russian scam, connected with Kherson collaborator Gennady Nedyalkov, the criminal gauleiter of Hola Pristan, who was declared on last week by aggressor’s Crimean propaganda as allegedly “representing the Bulgarians of the Kherson region” and he disseminated fakes about alleged “Ukraine’s attacks” against Bulgarians in Oleshki and Hola Pristan.
The fact is that Nedyalkov, who was local meat dealer in Kherson, never declared himself as ethnic Bulgarian before 2022 and that there is any group of ethnic Bulgarians residing in area of Oleshki and Hola Pristan. Nedyalkov’s declarations were refuted by real regional civil leaders of Ukrainian Bulgarians such as Tetiana Staneva and Yury Palychev.
More, exactly Nedyalkov, after Russia’s explosion of Kakhovka Dam in 2023 was active accomplice of such war crimes as Russia-organised ethnic cleansings and attacks on civil population that was trying to escape from flood; exactly Nedyalkov blocked the aid from Ukrainian humanitarian structures and from international bodies to victims of flood and his actions had clear genocidal features.

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