On June 29, ARC expert Boris Babin took an active part in the work of the international round table “Legal regulation of epidemic safety in conditions of war and post-war reconstruction”, held by the Research Institutes of Intellectual Property and the Study of Crime Problems, as well as the National Law University named after Yaroslav the Wise and the Association of Pharmaceutical and Medical Law.

In his speech, Professor Borys Babin described the activities of the Association for the study of the epidemic situation in the occupied Crimea, in particular during the period of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as regarding the case of the “Crimean anti-plague station”, and within the framework of new epidemic challenges caused by large-scale Russian aggression and aggravated after the explosion by the occupiers Kakhovka HPP.

The expert pointed out to the scientific community the forms of their potential interaction with international judicial and administrative bodies to counteract the epidemic consequences of Russian aggression.

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