On February 11, the aggressor’s propaganda disseminated a statement by the illegal “acting director of the Sevastopol department of transport” Stanislav Tamataev that the Kremlin is criminally planning to create “a legal entity on the territory of the Crimean peninsula that ensures the functioning of the port infrastructure of Sevastopol, Feodosia and Kerch”; moreover, they want to illegally “transfer a part of the port infrastructure facilities into federal ownership”.

Under these conditions, the Sevastopol criminal “government” announced that it was “washing its hands” and would no longer deal with the “concept for the development of the Sevastopol seaport”. The criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev had been promising this “concept” since 2019, and in the spring of 2022, the Russian occupiers even stated that “the concept had reached the final stage.”

However, further, with the obvious consequences of the “reduction and termination of federal funding”, already in September 2022 at the next “meetings about the fate of the port”, it was already mainly about “eliminating wage arrears” and “preserving all jobs”, which predictably does not occur.

In general, the criminal “federalization of the Crimean ports” has two dimensions – firstly, the invaders “at the regional level” simply do not have the funds to service idle capacities, and there is also a direct interest to “profit” from the lands and objects of stolen Ukrainian property.

Secondly, the aggressor does not leave chimerical and criminal projects of establishing “Crimean maritime trade” with its “partner regimes”, and since this activity may not be economic, but purely political in nature, they plan to use the corresponding “federal subsidies” on it, for which and want to create a criminal “federal pad”.

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