In early February, the Russian invaders and collaborators “suddenly decided to recall” the criminal “people’s diplomacy”, in which, before the start of a large-scale invasion, they played out illegal and fake concepts of the “Russian world”.

The infamous elderly spy Georgyi Muradov presented in the occupied Crimea a “chronicle of people’s diplomacy” of the Russian invaders, which described all kinds of freaks and “friends of the Russian world” who illegally came to “visit” the fake “authorities” of the occupied peninsula since 2014.

However, this “chronicle” predictably turned out to be a rather thin deck of marked cards, to which the expression “everyone is the same in the arena” fits well.

Muradov’s accomplice from the Crimean collaborators, the criminal “Chairman of the committee on people’s diplomacy” Yuryi Gempel even stated that allegedly “30 delegations from all over the world visited the Crimea in 2022.”

However, even if we “believe” such statements and assume that the large-scale Russian aggression and the front-line regime of the occupied Crimea allegedly “contributed to an increase” in illegal visits there by Kremlin agents from third countries, which actually naturally did not happen, “there remains a simple question” – why the aggressor’s propaganda “hidden” these “voyages”, and did not highlight them as much as possible “from every washing machine”, as it was before.

But what Muradov, Gempel and Melitopol collaborator Vladimir Rogov are in sync with is the current promises to criminally use Kremlin-controlled “people’s diplomats” in pro-Russian events in European countries: from fake publications and statements, to attempts to organize “mass protests”, as well as direct sabotage by people with “combat experience” in the “information confrontation” declared by the aggressor state.

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