On April 19, the on-line discussion was held by Temerty Contemporary Program, Ukrainian Research Institute of Harvard University, devoted to new book of Greta Uehling, professor of University of Michigan “Everyday War and Ethics of Care in Ukraine”.

Professor Uehling, who researched the issues of Crimean Tatar people for decades, and occupation of Crimea since 2014, researched the Russian aggression from an anthropological perspective. Her new book explores the subjective experience of war and forced displacement in Ukraine.

Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork, Uehling explores how and why interpersonal relationships, which are usually treated as tangents or backdrops to the “real” action of war, matter.

In on-line discussion, Professor Uehling showed how landscapes filled with destruction and death also prompted fresh attentiveness to human vulnerabilities and how everyday ethics of care can arise even in the midst of «routine» violations of international humanitarian law.

Upon invitation of Harvard University, expert of our Association, professor Borys Babin took part in that discussion and asked Professor Uehling regarding relevant activities or impact of international institutions, like International Criminal Court, International Committee of Red Cross or UN officials on issues aid to Russian aggression’s victims, also the issue of Ukrainian citizens from Crimea that were killed as part of aggressor’s troops was raised.

Professor Uehling stressed on this issue that role of above-pointed international institutions is absolute crucial for aid to victims of Russian war crimes and expressed an opinion that war in Ukraine is strong opportunity to renew those institutions. Let us remind that strong discussion regarding illegal presence of Russian in UN, started by Dr. Babin in 2019, really enforced since 2022 on official level.

On April, 2022 our Association sent to all competent international structures the submission regarding this issue, with full legal grounds of worthlessness of Russia’s presence in UN and in its Security Council.

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