In the occupied Sevastopol, a typical scandal is developing, dedicated to the struggle of the invader clans for the opportunity to plunder land for development, but it formally concerns the “Sevastopol winery”, allegedly “managed” by the criminal “city administration”.

We are talking about vineyards “related” to this “enterprise”, as well as many real estate objects “on the balance sheet of the plant” but “not taken into account and not evaluated” by the occupiers, since “the plant has no money” for this.

When the illegal “administration officials”, naturally with the mentioned selfish goal, decided to “sort it out”, the year-long “check” revealed a rather remarkable situation – the “plant” until 2020 took an extortionate “loan” from the criminal bank “Russia”, controlled by the oligarch Yuri Kovalchuk, close from Putin.

Naturally, no one is going to “give back the loan”, and the “factory” itself drags out a miserable existence: in 2022, the “sales volume of finished products” fell by half compared to 2020, and the “profitability” has long gone “in the red” with double digits, and manipulations with fake “trademarks” did not help the structure.

Now it is obvious that Kovalchuk plans to take the plant under criminal control, as it happened earlier with such structures captured by the occupiers as “Novy Svet” and “Massandra”. After that, no fake “officials of the city level” will receive their jackpot in the lands of the “Sevastopol Winery”.

However, it is also quite an interesting question – whether Putin’s partner in the “Ozero” cooperative will have time to pull off these machinations before the de-occupation of the peninsula.

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