In framework of permanent co-operation with United Nations’ bodies our Association sent next submission to Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children , Professor Siobhán Mullally.
This submission, prepared by Professor Borys Babin and Julia Sidorenko, and published now at UN web-sources, was sent for next Dr. Mullally’s report for UN General Assembly on the potentially increased risks of trafficking for all purposes of exploitation during situations of conflict, in transitions to peace and democracy, and post-conflict situations.
Submission stressed that Russia’s broad-scale aggression created principal barriers facing these realization by Ukrainian women and girls the right to equality, to sustainable development and to dignity.
It reminded that on Russia-occupied territories women are vulnerable targets of rape, enforced disappearances, tortures and degrading threatment; Ukrainian-speaking and Crimean Tatar women are victims of racial discrimination in occupied Crimea also.
Submission reminded again, that aggressor’s project “Friends of Crimea”, co-ordinated by the Russian government, with participation of some tritd countries’ extremist and marginal politicians till 2022, was sponsored and criminally supported by ethnic criminal group from Yalta, connected with child trafficking, prostitution and pornography.
Submission added that women lost in Russia-controlled zone their property, works and assets, social payments and family connections, that generated high level risks for growth of prostitition, including trafficking, minors’ prostitution and deseases’ dissemination.
Submission noted to UN Rapporteur that some thousand persons were kidnapped by Russian militaries and punitive structures in occupied part of Kherson Region only, and that local sources informed about sexual exploitation of such children in Crimea by “administration” of those “youth camps” and a lot of propaganda media content was made by aggressor’s authorities with those deported persons’s exploitation, including digital environment.
So regarding conditions on hostilities and interstate conflict demands of Rome Statute, Geneva Convention and Additional Protocols must be taken in account regarding war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against women and children, who are victims of trafficking, ARC’s submission summarised.
Regarding negative experience at Russia-occupied territories, including the Crimea, Association proposed to UN Rapporteur to research additionally thematics of: prevention discrimination and criminal violence against women in conflict zones and territories under foreign control; against deported, displaced and migrated women and girls; against indigenous women and girls.

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