As the occupiers-controlled “media” write, in occupied Sevastopol the “new leader” of the criminal branch of “Support of Russia” (“Opora Rossii”) has been announced as a “union of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs” completely controlled by the Kremlin, namely Evgeniy Mangul, a fake “deputy of the Gagarin municipal formation” from “United Russia”, previously listed in the same “Opora” as “chairman of the committee on international relations.”

The criminal activities of “Opora” in the occupied Crimea boiled down, among other things, to attempts to “promote Crimean goods to foreign markets,” and the same Mangul, who before the occupation “checked in” as an assistant to a city council deputy and as an unsuccessful candidate from the then “Russian bloc” party, since 2015 for years, under the guise of “Opora”, he carried out precisely such illegal activities, including “with an eye” on the communist China’s market.

For his activity, Mangul was also “rewarded” with the opportunity to squander a couple of small “city government grants” and cash in on the criminal “collection of aid for the front” in 2022 under the “politic roof” of the criminal Mikhail Razvozhaev.

It is noteworthy that Mangul “replaced the head of Opora’s branch”, Alexandra Romanenko, who “left this post due to an increase in workload at her main place of work as the general director of the largest network of construction and household hypermarkets “Uyutstroy” in the Crimea.”

Let us recall that these hypermarkets with the former name “Novacenter”, where the same Romanenko was the “general director” until 2020, were part of the “Epicenter” system of the Alexander Gerega family at least until 2014; then, journalistic investigations about fraud with this property of the relevant beneficiaries were repeatedly published.

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