Against the background of the tragicomic story about the criminal “Minister of Culture” Arina Novoselskaya who decided to “free herself through the front”, on April 8, Crimean Tatar collaborator Eyvaz Umerov decided to remind himself.
We have described this figure many times; he is known for the fact that since 2022 he has become a “talking head” accusing a group of Crimean Tatar collaborators close to Sergei Aksyonov personally of “double-dealing, insufficient love for Russia and all kinds of corruption”, namely the large family of the “Crimean Mufti” Emirali Ablaev, controlled by the occupiers.
The apogee of this “story of incrimination” was Umerov’s beating of a prominent representative of the Ablaev clan, Ervin Musaev, after which the “truth-seeker” was sent to prison for three years.
At the same time, Umerov is just a puppet of an influential group of Russian special services, which has been lobbying for a long time for the “final solution to the issue” according to Aksyonov, and his role was to neutralize the “muftiate”, which is closely involved in financial scams with the construction of the Cathedral Mosque.
At the beginning of this year, Eyvaz Umerov, then in a colony in Chechnya, “came out of hibernation” and stated on social networks that he allegedly “achieved victory in cassation” on a number of “sentences” and that he did not leave the colony to fight in the ranks of the aggressor’s troops , since this supposedly implies “parole” and “admission of guilt,” which the collaborator “does not want.”
However, now the same Umerov has published a video “against the backdrop of a tree”, in which he stated that he was going criminally to the front after all; however, only his curators from the Russian special services know where and what this figure will actually do.

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