On January 27, the occupiers’ propaganda once again used collaborator Oleg Zubkov, who controls the “Taigan” animal park, in a “new series” about the “evacuation of animals to Crimea”.

This time, it was announced that 9 lions and 5 bears were allegedly taken out of “zoos” in the Russia-occupied part of the Donetsk Region, and two lions were taken out of the regional center, and the rest of the animals were taken by Zubkov in Mariupol.

It should be noted that there is only one place with such animals in the seaside city, destroyed by the Russian invaders – a “private zoo”, controlled by Savely Vashura for a long time.

Back in July 2022, the aggressor distributed propaganda videos “against the background of lions” from this institution, naturally promising him “soon prosperity”, which now, obviously, has reached such an “unprecedented level” that animals from the zoo began to be massively transferred.

The occupiers made a key emphasis in their “reports” on the “omnipotence” of the criminal Sergei Aksenov, who “assisted” during the Zubkov’s adventures, in the animals’ transportation, with an alleged “instant response” to his calls.

Here it is worth recalling that it is Aksenov’s group that seeks to “take control” of criminal cargo flows along the illegal “land corridor” from Russia to the occupied Crimea as much as possible, and therefore the current “advertisement of personal capabilities” of the criminal “head of Crimea” is promoted by the aggressor’s propaganda for a clear reason.

Also many Crimean residents have already seen another characteristic subtext in this story “about lions and bears” from Mariupol and Donetsk, which the authors of this propaganda show clearly did not count on.

The fact is that the aggressor’s propaganda had previously “spun” Zubkov’s actions to “evacuate” animals from Kherson, after which the city was liberated by the Ukrainian Army; and analogies with the new trips of the Crimean “lover of lions” are quite easy to draw here.

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