In recent days, the newly-minted “mayor” of Yevpatoria, Alexander Yuryev, demonstrating the “ideological nature” of his Nazism and recently taking the aggressor propagandist Alexander Talipov to the once children’s resort for a photo shoot, decided to promote himself in the “trial of the century.”
This case, about “honor, dignity” and similar abstractions, was conducted in Krasnodar between Yuryev and the owner of the Simferopol dog shelter “LabraDom”, collaborator Dmitry Frolov, who in 2022 also decided to promote himself, but by “sending to the front” the labrador Sardelya.
However, the subject of the current “court of honor” was the accusations against Yuryev, then the “head of the public council” of Simferopol regarding the sabotage of the “construction of a shelter for dogs”, naturally, and the “budget money” that disappeared at the same time, as well as calls of the of “city council deputy” Yuryev to kill stray dogs immediately after their catching.
The seed of this epic was Yuriev’s fake statement that “stray dogs killed a swan on a Simferopol pond,” and then he stated on social networks that he was “insulted” by “sick, lonely, offended by fate people; they huddled in packs, like stray dogs ” and “trying to yap.”
In this whole “dog wedding” a lot can be left “behind the scenes”, but it should be noted that Alexander Yuryev is not only a “patented scum”, as his “procedural opponents” characterize, but, apparently, he really pathologically does not like animals and prone to real perversions in this area.
Here it is worth recalling two stories at once, and this is not only and not so much the scam we described in 2021 with a “dog shelter” organized in Western Crimea by colonialists from Murmansk, where Yevpatoria collaborators laundered considerable “budget funds.”
The main thing here is the events of April 16, when, let us recall, in occupied Yevpatoria the “Tropicpark”, located in a former amusement park, burned down, and then about two hundred animals died in the fire, in horrific agony.
We wrote that the “sudden fire” that burned to the ground the zoo, located in a park area desirable for the development of high-rise buildings for colonialists, occurred precisely at the next “change of power” in the long-suffering city, when the “authoritative dohganter” Yuryev became the “mayor”.
At the same time, “naturally, completely by accident,” Alexander Yuryev, “freshly appointed” by Aksyonov, said that after the fire, “it suddenly turned out” that “Tropicpark” might not have had valid land contracts.”
Let us note that the “clearing” of the tasty territory for development as part of Putin’s upcoming “Golden Sands” scam could have taken place in a more familiar way – a couple of “identified violations” and the long-suffering zoo would simply have been demolished.
But it is precisely in the desire to burn a couple of hundred animals alive that one can trace the handwriting of the pathological sadist Yuryev. Whom he will decide to subject to a painful death in Yevpatoria to satisfy his morbid fantasies – the near future will show.

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