At the end of March, the aggressors’ “Crimean” propaganda began to disseminate a “moralizing” story about the transfer of the “nationalized” building of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people to “Simferopol Children’s Music School No. 2 named after A. Karamanov for the implementation of educational activities”.
At the same time, the corresponding television reports stated the “terrifying condition of the building” in which homeless people allegedly “live” and that funds would supposedly be “allocated” for its “major repairs”. In fact, the occupiers decided to write off 18 million for “major repairs” of the “roof and facade of the building” and its “internal premises,” laundering them through the previously used “Designstroy” gasket.
This “company,” associated with collaborators Maxim Galkin and Natalya Fedorova, had previously been used by the “Simferopol administration” for scams related to the “repair of clinics and insurance funds”, but the situation at the Mejlis house on Shmidt Street is somewhat different. As it “suddenly turned out,” the “city administration” wrote off money for the same “overhaul” last year, and naturally it “disappeared without a trace”.
However, in this case, the occupiers are hiding behind the “music school” with particular cynicism, since its “native” building, the so-called “residential building of the Crimean government” has allegedly “been in disrepair” since 2019, and they not just haven’t found money for its “repair” , but they don’t even intend to look for them.

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