On May 28, the criminal “head of administration” of the occupied Yevpatoria, Elena Demidova, announced that there was again no water in the town … due to phone calls. As the collaborator stated, “unknown people in the town, posing as employees of the “administration” or the “ministry of emergency situations”, are spreading information over the phone about disconnecting the city from the water supply.”

Allegedly, because of this, Demidova points out, “due to the fact that everyone is trying to make water supplies, there is an overestimated consumption of it. Which, in turn, makes it difficult to stabilize the pressure in the town”. Thus, according to this collaborator, Yevpatoria became the first town in the world dehydrated by phone calls.

Let us recall that, in fact, due to the negligence of the “administration”, the construction since 2015 by the troops of the aggressor of “service” water conduits from Yevpatoria to their bases in the villages of Mirny and Novoozerno, as well as the illegal building of the town with complexes like “Moinako Riviera”, the main water conduit to the former resort constantly torn in the area of Pribrezhne village.

The last breakthrough was on May 26 and the town was without water at least until the evening of May 27; and Yevpatoria residents constantly keep water supplies in their houses, without waiting for any phone calls, accustomed to such “specifics” from the Russian occupiers.

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