According to the aggressor-controlled “media” in the occupied Yevpatoria, the aggressor held a show under the guise of a “scientific conference” “Actual environmental issues in the Yevpatoria resort”. The “talking heads” of the event were the criminal “Russian geographical society” and the so-called “Research institute of children’s balneology, physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation”.

Although the formal goal of the event was declared to be “the study and popularization of Yevpatoria as a center of climatotherapy,” the real tasks of the serves of the aggressor’s special services like Gennady Samokhin, the fake “chairman of the Russian geographical society branch” and “deputy director for science of the scientific speleo-paleontological complex” “Tavrida Cave”, are generating “information noise” to cover up a large-scale environmental disaster in the city.

We have previously repeatedly reported that the rapacious destruction by the invaders in recent years of most of the green spaces of arid Yevpatoriya has practically destroyed the climatic potential of the once significant resort, and the development of the Moinaky park in the interests of the clan of Valentina Matvienko and a number of collaborators led to the swamping of the once medicinal lake.

It is precisely for the propagandist cover-up by the “geographical society” of this occupiers’ criminal influence on the region that the aforementioned Gennady Samokhin and the criminal “head of administration” of Yevpatoria Elena Demidova now “signed an agreement on cooperation”.

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