At the end of March, such aggressor’s mouthpiece of propaganda and “officialdom” as “Krymskiye izvestiya” decided to slightly “tweak the calendar” for the “canonical heroes” of the criminal “Crimean spring”. In addition to the “sudden revelations” about the “exclusive role” of “themselves, their loved ones,” they began to disseminate a version of events from a certain Sevastopol collaborator Nikolai Vorobyov, which emphasized the alleged role of the head of the Sevastopol city administration, Volodymyr Yatsuba, in the events of early 2014.
Let us recall that Yatsuba, a member of the political council of the “Party of Regions”, allegedly announced his resignation on February 24, 2014, and on March 7 he was dismissed from his position by decree of Acting President of Ukraine Olexandr Turchynov. Now collaborators claim that it was Yatsuba who allegedly “approved the initiative” to “create self-defense units” in January 2014, after which allegedly “a tent was set up near the city administration building.”
It is stated that it was Yatsuba who, allegedly on January 19, 2014, “made the decision to set up checkpoints at the entrances to the city, manned by “self-defense” together with the police”.
This “version” clearly shows a desire to give the occupation some kind of fake “local initiative”, while, despite, to put it mildly, Yatsuba’s colorful personality, in January 2014 his public statements regarding separatism were not noticed; at that time, Yanukovych was still feeling quite well in Kyiv and some “self-defense initiatives” would seem somewhat implausible from an official of his level.
However, regardless of what Yatsuba actually did ten years ago, the current “memoirs” have the main goal of “big greetings” from Simferopol towards the “people’s mayor” Chaly, as the main occupiers’ “canonical” February “talking head”. This is already clearly “tailored” for the “autumn local elections”, at which “Chaly’s people” expect to receive a “bigger piece of the pie” from the Kremlin, appealing to “past merits”.
In addition to these “revelations”, the same goal is pursued by another “insider” from “Krymskiye izvestiya”, about an alleged “letter of fifteen”, allegedly created in February 2014 by a certain “Crimean intelligentsia”, allegedly in the person of Igor Azarov, Sergei Baranov, Mikhail Golubev, Victor Kharabuga, Vladimir Kosov, Andrey Kratko, Anatoly Filatov, Boris Vasilyev and others, allegedly on the “initiative” of Associate professor Andrey Nikiforov.
Let us recall that before the occupation, Nikiforov successively headed the “Crimean Information Agency”, the “Tavrichesky Vedomosti” newspaper and the “Neapol” television and radio company.
Before the start of the occupation, as an adviser to Vladimir Konstantinov, he actually, on the direct orders of the Russian special services, took an active part in the preparation of a number of illegal “documents and program texts” in preparation for the occupation of the Crimea.
Later, Nikiforov was involved as an “expert” by the criminal “Center “E”” of aggressor’s punitive forces in fabricating cases against various activists.
In this “insight about the letter of fifteen,” the collaborators’ goals of the are the same: to fabricate fake “support for the occupation by the intelligentsia” and to beg from the Kremlin some “bonuses” for the mentioned renegades, a significant part of whom, since 2014, “for some reason” have remained on the occupied peninsula “out of work”.

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