Previously, we reported on the subversive activities of the right-wing German movement “Pegida” and its representative Edwin Wagensveld, who directly supported Russian aggression and, at the same time, burned the holy Koran for Muslims in the Dutch Utrecht and The Hague in the winter of 2023.
On January 13, Wagensveld repeated his provocation in the Dutch Arnhem, where he also tried to tear up and burn the Koran. However, the assembled counter-demonstration did not allow the Russian puppet to complete its provocation, driving Wagensveld out of Jansplein.

The provocation in Arnhem was accompanied by racist accusations from a “Pegida” representative against the local mayor of Moroccan origin, Ahmed Markouche; predictably, this story created by the Russian special services, in addition to the local Dutch press, was inflated by the key “Russian media”, talking almost about “mass riots” in Arnhem, at a time when in fact there were many non-Muslims among those outraged by Wagensveld’s actions, and the protest against Russian provocation did not lead to any casualties and destruction.

Against this background, the criminal “Crimean blogger” Alexander Talipov also stood out, instantly spreading an absurd fake that a “group of Ukrainian refugees” allegedly tried to burn the Koran in Arnhem, who allegedly “were detained, now they are being deported.” Let us note that the curators have repeatedly tried to use Talipov to incite interreligious hatred in the Crimea, with references to certain “European events”. For now, this anti-Muslim activity of a lover of intimate correspondence with dwarfs is limited only by the “blatant incompetence of the person involved” in the religious issue, sadly stated in Rostov.

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