At the beginning of March, social networks in Sevastopol began to actively discuss the former criminal occupiers’ “head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, Volgograd resident Pavel Gishchenko, who became “famous” in Russia for his participation in scams with public utilities, such as the “Yugstroykomplekt” company. Let us recall that Gishchenko was criminally “transferred” to occupied Sevastopol from the post of chief of the Volgograd city police and he is remembered there mainly for “construction-related” scams.

Well, the reason for the current discussion was another “happy message” from the invaders’ propaganda regarding the “confirmation” of Gishchenko as a criminal “minister” in occupied Donetsk. Moreover, the criminal “transfer” of Gishchenko to Donetsk occurred back in February 2023. Even then, we reported that “under Gishchenko” in occupied Sevastopol the level of street and general crime increased significantly. Now, probably as a “consolation”, the aggressor’s propaganda writes that “after the change of the head of the department, this trend has not changed”, however, the inhabitants of Sevastopol clearly do not miss the mentioned Volga character.

As residents of the city sarcastically write, Gishchenko “brought the Sevastopol police out of poverty”, hinting at a noticeable increase in corruption amounts under him and the expansion of corresponding financial flows. Also, the collaborators themselves note the “arrogance” of Gishchenko, who demanded “that everyone stand up when he enters some office” and remind that “at a speech at school” “this “celestial” was held by an entire police captain at arm’s length with a microphone”. It is also pointed out that “Gishchenko destroyed the service of district police officers when out of 40 only 7 remained”, and that in the “police cavalry detachment” he formed they still cannot find “not only cavalrymen, but also their commander”, since “apparently no one expected that Sevastopol is not a horsemen city”.

However, the pain of the “Volga guest” for the Sevastopol “elite” of collaborators is explained mainly by a selfish issue. We have already described the scam that “collapsed” after Gishchenko’s departure with the seizure of coastal lands near Cape Fiolent, allegedly “for the construction of a new detention center,” but obviously not only for its “inmates,” but also for solving the “land issue” as a number of “Ministry of internal affairs” functionaries, and those “suffering” from the criminal administration, who lost the “hope on seaside home”.

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