As it was reported by regional German publication “Schwäbische Zeitung”, the resort of Baden-Baden, located in southwestern Germany, has suspended friendship agreements concluded in 2013 with Sochi and Russia-occupied Yalta due to the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine.

It is indicated that most of the wealthy Russians who settled earlier in the resort town have already sold their real estate, that due to sanctions at the “Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden” airport several aircraft were confiscated, and “Russian conductor Valery Gergiev was forced to leave the local festival hall”.

“In view of the war in Europe, we cannot and do not want to behave neutrally,” the city administration of Baden-Baden said, adding that “we support the values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, therefore, the city’s partnerships with Yalta and Sochi are also suspended”.

The publication calls the situation a “turning point” for the resort, and we only have to report that in November 2022, Professor Boris Babin, on behalf of our Association, officially applied to the mayor’s office of Baden-Baden, the government of Baden-Württemberg, the German federal ministries and the European Commission regarding illegal visit of Christian Frietsch, editor of “Goodnews4 Baden-Baden” media, to Russia-occupied Yalta.

Frietsch then worked in Yalta for the money of the Russian special services, just speculating on the theme of the “thirtieth anniversary of friendship between Baden and Yalta”, arranging a fake “exhibition”, where he posed together with the criminal “city leaders” Konstantin Shimonovsky and Yanina Pavlenko.

In 2022, the Association received responses to ARC’s appeal from the deputies of the Baden municipal council with a promise to look into the situation, and as we see, the corresponding decisions were not long in coming.

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