On the evening of February 24, “Crimean bloggers” and “media”, controlled by the aggressor’s special services, began synchronously promoting a fairly “passable” episode of a tavern fight in the “Krepost” (“Fortress”) restaurant in the occupied Chornomorske (Ak-Mechet), recorded on Elena Dedok. In this story, on the evening of February 23, two fighters from the “private military company” “Medvedi” (“Bears”), also known as the “81st volunteer brigade”, began to beat up visitors to the “Krepost”, mostly the same military aggressors who had already been thoroughly “checked out” at the “day of defender of fatherland”.

According to the “Medvedi” “battalion commander”, a trio of their “AWOLs” were beaten in a restaurant, after which they called a “rapid response group”, declaring that they were beaten amid shouts of “glory to Ukraine”, and that “there are saboteurs” in the “Krepost”. Despite the rather ordinary, albeit slightly anecdotal format of the fight, this plot “suddenly” began to be actively “sold” by the occupiers on Saturday evening with a “stage-by-stage cutting into episodes”, starting from posted videos, and ending with photographs of rowdies “exemplarily” beaten by their own “colleagues”.

Previously, the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov massively promoted himself on the “Medvedi” created in 2023 and “tested” in Perevalne, controlled by “private militaries” from “Redut” of aggressor’s ministry of defense, including stories that “the instructors of the “Medvedi” trained “the people’s militia of Crimea” and stories about the “Medvedi” “battalion commander” Vitaly Ermolaev, “aka Yarema Pitersky”.

Therefore, the hasty statements of Oleg Kryuchkov, and of the same Ermolaev, that “the authorities of Crimea have nothing common with the “Medvedi”” were not surprising, but what is much more remarkable here is that the competitors of the “head of Crimea” are actively developing this plot in the eyes of the Kremlin in the style of “Aksenovsky chaos on the peninsula”. This is happening to the point that the collaborating “media” on the morning of February 25 wrote about “scoundrels who should be at the front”, that “preliminarily, these were volunteers from the special forces brigade the “Medvedi”, which claims that it is supplied by Aksyonov”.

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