Earlier, we have repeatedly reported on the peculiar activity of burning the so-called “medical waste” in the crematorium from the “Econ” structure in the Russia-occupied Sevastopol’s Inkerman.

Since the intermediary of criminal “administration” for “biological waste disposal” of understandable origin did not bother to somehow clean up the emissions from his furnace, the level of stench led to widespread public coverage of the situation on social networks, so the fake “authorities” were forced to “respond”, naturally worrying not about the health of citizens, and for the wide publicity of the work of this “smokehouse for the two hundredth”.

Therefore, now the aggressor’s propaganda has announced that fake “courts and the prosecutor’s office” “suddenly” took care of this problem, and that the “incinerator” itself was urgently dismantled.

This fuss with the destruction of evidence is very similar to the activities of the Nazis before the de-occupation, destroying the death camps, gas chambers and crematoria in the abandoned territory.

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