After the demonstrative “selfie tour” of the criminal “governor” of Sevastopol Razvozhaev “on the carpet” to the Kremlin dictator, the social networks of the occupied peninsula were filled with another wave of sarcasm regarding the Kremlin’s ignoring of the criminal “head of Crimea” Aksyonov. Since Putin’s demonstrative reluctance to arrange a joint photo shoot with Aksyonov even “on the round anniversary” of the beginning of the occupation became obvious to everyone, the clan of the “Crimean ruler” decided to make a “creative move” by voicing an invitation to Putin “to attend the Cathedral Mosque opening” in Simferopol on February 20 by the “Crimean mufti” Emirali Ablaev.

Let us recall that the collaborators have been speculating “against the backdrop of minarets” since 2015, both political and classical, on “budget development”, where, among others, the clan of the Crimean Tatar collaborator Ablaev, who is personally close to Aksyonov, made a good profit. Since 2019, the Kremlin puppets have periodically invited the Turkish authorities to “open the mosque”, but Ankara predictably did not agree to such a provocation; and now the same Aksyonov and Ablaev have decided to replace Erdogan with Putin in this “formula of love”.

In fact, such “ultimatum invitations” are issued by the Aksyonov clan out of despair: the fact that Putin, being a hostage to his own criminal PR of “re-elections for a decade” at the beginning of the occupation of the Crimea, may appear on the peninsula in March is not excluded. But whether this will help the “Aksyonov brigade” along with the “mufti” stay afloat is, to put it mildly, a rhetorical question.

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