On February 16, the criminal Sergei Aksyonov said that the “head of the administration” of occupied Yevpatoria, Elena Demidova, “wrote a letter of resignation of her own free will,” allegedly “for family reasons.” We wrote that Demidova would suddenly have “family circumstances” on February 7, when we stated that Demidova was “in quite serious trouble,” because she suddenly announced on social networks that some “scammers are creating fake accounts” and that in her name “messages are being sent from fake accounts”.

We wrote that we are clearly not talking about nudes in the “king size” style of a collaborator who has fattened up considerably over the past year, since Demidova “clarified” that allegedly “she does not resolve work issues by correspondence, but publishes all official information on her public pages”. Since there is not the slightest trace of journalism or “anti-corruption officials” in occupied Crimea, and the collaborator does not have to worry about the publication of screenshots, it is obvious that Demidova not only understood about the control over her “innocent” commercial correspondence by the Russian special services, but also that that “realization of materials” is just around the corner.

Then we did not remind the former mediocre teacher of religious studies trivial things about retribution and providence, and apparently the punitive occupiers will soon transform Demidova into another victim of the “fight against corruption” show, or an even more entertaining “patriotic” performance.

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