On February 16, ARC expert Anna Prikhodko and professor Borys Babin took part in a discussion on environmental issues about the opportunities that international platforms such as the UN Climate Conference (COC) provide activists with. This discussion was held in Kyiv by the Environmental Initiative of the Renaissance Foundation (EPAIU) in order to highlight the impressions of participants in the COP conferences, in particular COP28, as well as to analyze the issues raised at the Climate Conference.

Among other things, participants discussed the impact of Russian aggression on the climate; why Ukraine is useful for the whole world, and why Russia poses a threat to the whole world when it destroys the natural environment of Ukraine. During the discussion, the opinion was expressed why it is important to talk about the factor of indigenous peoples using the example of the Crimean Peninsula; how the issue of ecocide in Ukraine relates to climate change globally; what are financial climate instruments and so on.

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