Over the past three days, Crimean collaborators have staged a literal eruption of propaganda “products” regarding the “provision of benefits” to the so-called “combat veterans and participants in special military operations,” declaring that there are supposedly 12,848 such people on the peninsula (without Sevastopol), and in 2024 “new benefits” will be used by 67.7 million.

The next passages from the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, due to the obviously “pre-election” nature of the “new benefits”, were not extremely interesting, regarding not only the “amazing coincidence” in timing of “Putin’s re-elections” and the decade of the annexation attempt, and the next hints of the “speaker” on the “importance of the elections of the head of the Crimea” in the fall with “special responsibility,” that is, with a stone in the garden of his “worst friend” Aksyonov..

The most notable was the statement of the criminal “minister of labor and social protection” Elena Romanovskaya, according to which 5106 of the mentioned “new benefit recipients” “have a different preferential category, according to which support measures for paying for utilities are already being implemented”.

Let us note that here the “basket opens” quite simply: “benefits” have already been drawn for the families of aggressor’s killed servicemen. If we consider that on average the family of “cannon fodder” consists of 3 people, not counting the “cargo 200” itself, then a simple calculation speaks of about two thousand “irretrievable sanitary losses” in the Crimea, for which the occupiers have already “entered information on benefits,” as minimum not counting, however, the killed Crimeans without families.

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