On February 13, the aggressor’s “Crimean” propaganda began to disseminate the statement of “Special representative of the Russian president for international cultural cooperation” Mikhail Shvydkoy that in the case of “Scythian gold” the fake “museums of Crimea” appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. At the same time, it is stated that “despite the fact that there are no great hopes for a positive outcome, this opportunity must be used, since there are no others”, applications from four “museums” were allegedly filed against the Netherlands and Ukraine. It is about such fake structures as the “Central museum of Taurida”, “Bakhchisarai historical and cultural museum-reserve”, “Tauride Chersonese museum-reserve” and “Kerch museum of antiquities”

At the same time, there is no information about the “new case” on the electronic resources of the European Court itself. It is worth noting that since 2014, the European Court has not considered in essence a single individual complaint against the aggressor related to the occupation of Crimea; in 2024, the final decision of the Court on the interstate “Crimean” case initiated by Ukraine is expected. Also in the practice of the European Court there is a fairly clear and consistent approach that state-controlled or state-owned structures, such as state institutions and state-owned enterprises, cannot file individual applications.

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