Since March 7, a characteristic announcement has been circulating in the aggressor-controlled “Crimean media”, according to which the criminal “opening of representative offices” of the terrorist structure “Wagner” begins on the occupied peninsula.

Representatives of the terrorists said they were looking for places in “sports or patriotic clubs” that “provide a service for checking physical fitness”. The terrorists promise to “set up a table and a chair, hang a flag, plant their man” there, and pay for criminal services through Yevgeny Prigozhin’s sub-sanctioned “League for protecting the interests of veterans of local wars and military conflicts”.

However, the criminal “Wagner” uses other ways to “popularize” its own activities. It is reported that on the aggressor-controlled marketplaces, as well as on the “Avito” website, “the number of goods with the “Wagner PMC” symbols has increased dramatically – from mugs and T-shirts to sledgehammers.” For example, more than 2,700 such goods have been identified on the “Wildberries” site, and there is also a wide demand for these goods in Russia.

Such criminal advertising of the aggressor’s terrorists “through souvenir sledgehammers” will obviously be carried out in the occupied Crimea, as well as in third countries. In this situation, there is an obvious need to qualify the activities of retail chains and Internet sites that sell goods with “Wagner” terrorist symbols.

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