On January 31, the publication in the “Times” about the imprisonment of the former criminal “governor” of Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, became quite a striking event for the Crimean and Sevastopol “power circles” . At the same time, the material was published several days after the arrest, it was not noticed immediately , and both the British authorities and Russian propaganda remained silent about the situation for about a week. Moreover, yesterday’s message was initially unsuccessfully “criticized” by individual occupiers as allegedly “fake”.

According to the “Times”, Britain’s National Crime Agency has charged Ovsyannikov with circumventing British sanctions and laundering criminal proceeds. We are talking about opening an account with the Halifax Bank of Scotland no later than February 2023, after which Ovsyannikov allegedly allowed four payments to be made there for a total of £65 thousand, and also kept more than £77,5 thousand criminal cash at the time of his arrest. Since his arrest, Ovsyannikov has been held in a London prison, which, as the “Times” writes, is unusual for such charges, and on February 20 he is due to appear at Southerс Royal Court in London.

Let us recall that we have repeatedly covered the biography of Ovsyannikov, his commercial conflicts with Chalyi’s group, and the fate of his “team” under the next criminal “governor” Razvozhaev. We wrote that neither the trail of “offended by the Russian authorities”, nor the epic with the judicial lifting of the European Union sanctions imposed on Ovsyannikov in 2023, should be misleading regarding this person involved as the most valuable, “trump card” of the Russian special services through which they will strive to achieve their strategic criminal goals in Europe.

Therefore, it is not surprising that such a specific “sudden” detention of Ovsyannikov, who was included in the British sanctions list in December 2020, in London, and the “unexpectedly discovered” presence of accounts and real estate there for him, and the feigned gloating of the “Sevastopol media” on this issue. It is obvious that the British authorities have just started the corresponding party and the Kremlin will now criminally do everything “possible and impossible” in order to get its VIP agent out of the “London scrape”.

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