On July 11, the aggressor controlled “media”announced that allegedly “a Russian-Belarusian fishing flotilla may appear in Crimea”, allegedly hoping to operate in the waters of African countries.

At the same time Mikhail Solomentsev, the criminal “acting permanent representative of the republic to the president” of the aggressor, said that Belarus “has great potential for processing fish”.

In this vein, we recall that these aggressor’s criminal plans and the fish mafia associated with him were previously investigated by us, among other things, in the context of the activities of Sevastopol illegal structures associated with the “Aquamarine” trademark, a “specific” enterprise in Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, as well as in connection with the activities of Alexander Moshensky, the Belarusian beneficiary of the vessel “More Sodruzhestva”.

Moshensky is one of the “wallets” of the Belarusian dictator, a beneficiary of the “Santa Bremor” corporation, which covers 25 % of the Russian preserves market, and he was also the general director of the Belarusian-German enterprise “Santa Impex Brest”, with a dealer network in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

It is interesting that the owner of “Santa Bremor” and part-time “honorary consul of Iceland in Belarus” Moshensky a year ago had a chance to fall into the EU sanctions, but he was once again struck off the sanctions list, and then Hungary lobbied for the decision to exclude Lukashenka’s “purse”.

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