The aggressor is faced with a situation where the mass anti-Ukrainian hysteria generated by him, can have the most negative practical consequences “here and now”. In particular, the Kremlin’s propaganda made a “plot” about a certain call, in which allegedly “a woman who introduces herself as a gas service employee talks to a child.”

Allegedly, “after making sure that no one is at home, she asks the girl to go to the kitchen and turn on all the burners on the stove, repeating several times that the gas is being checked”. At the same time, the propaganda of the aggressor adds, allegedly “the provocateur asks if the child smells gas to make sure that her plan worked. The woman also convinces the child not to call the parents back.”

The spread of this unproven fake has taken a massive turn not only in the information field. For example, in the occupied Sevastopol, Denis Gryaznov, a fictitious “adviser to the general director” of the so-called “joint-stock company” “Sevastopolgaz”, stated that allegedly “this scheme is not new, it was already used in 2018”, although naturally there is no public information about such “past incidents”.

However, it is generally not known how Gryaznov, who until recently was engaged in a “solid business” with inscriptions on T-shirts, had such “deep knowledge of the industry”. It is interesting that the former fake “head” and now “an employee of the press center” of the same fictitious “Sevastopolgaz”, Yulia Kontareva, admitted that such cases had never happened in the Crimea; that allegedly “information came to us from other gas services that are located on the territory of Russia”, which, obviously, includes “Russian television”, where the “news” first appeared.

But something else is interesting. This aggressor’s propaganda operation, firstly, caused a significant panic of the population, which began to apply en masse …to the same “Sevastopolgaz”, demanding assistance. On the other hand, this “successful work” of aggressor’s criminal propagandists, obviously, became a “direct instruction” for behavior, but not for fictional “Ukrainian saboteurs”, but for mentally ill people, persons with criminal inclinations from among the “grateful spectators”.

Therefore, now in the same occupied Sevastopol, local “media” began to report that the alleged current panic and the subsequent wave of appeals to “Sevastopolgaz”, created by the propagandists of the occupiers themselves, “were the enemy’s goal.” However, this is true – as the Russian propaganda is real key enemy of the inhabitants of the occupied territories.

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