At the beginning of January, the Crimean collaborator and criminal “Duma Deputy” Konstantin Bakharev decided to “boast” in the aggressor-controlled “Crimean media” about the results of his “Moscow work”, which turned out to be quite strained, since the main “good news” was that “the budget for everything three years of deficit”, with “certain restrictions.”

However, Bakharev’s report on the three “key adopted Crimean bills” of the aggressor in 2023 is quite characteristic: these are criminal acts on “extending the period of licensing of medical organizations”, on “inclusion of housing construction companies in the participants of the free economic zone” and on “financing foreign seedlings in viticulture”.

Regarding the Crimean hospitals, Bakharev admits that “for some reason” during the ten years of occupation, “more than a hundred medical institutions of the republic do not yet have Russian licenses” and this process, clearly painful for the invaders, obviously went into a dead corner, and therefore it was “moved to a bright tomorrow”. Regarding “housing development”, it is worth recalling the recent statement of our expert Olesya Tsybulko that in the occupiers’ “economy” there is nothing “investment attractive”, except real estate speculation, but the “price bubble” has not been growing in the housing market for a long time. That is why the occupiers are “lending a helping hand” to criminal developers for the colonialists, who have gone into a significant “minus” since 2022.

We also considered the situation with “Crimean viticulture” earlier: it was stated that even maintaining the current vineyard area in the occupied region is impossible using Crimean and Russian seedlings – they are simply in short supply at times, and Russian ones are also of low quality, so the materials are bypassing sanctions by the occupiers, who continue to purchase them from the “decaying West”.

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