We already wrote in the summer of 2023 about the placement of children from the Russian Belgorod by Crimean collaborators in the “Brigantina” sanatorium in the Yevpatorian Zaozerne settlement, which, as criminal “officials” stated, “according to a memorandum signed in 2021, was transferred to the Belgorod region”. Now the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, has stated that “our year-round sanatorium “Brigantina “Belogorye” in Crimea will begin to operate in mid-January. We have already planned a trip for 277 children from the Shebekinsky district.”

We wrote earlier that this sanatorium, stolen in 2014, had before the occupation a unique specificity for treating children in the field of cardiology and rheumatology, but over the years of occupation, the potential, equipment, and specialists were lost, and it gradually became a platform for money laundering. Let us note that before the “transfer of property” “Brigantina” was led by former policeman and collaborator Alexander Skubanovich, and actually before the “transfer” the Crimean “authorities” “merged” “Brigantina” with the neighboring “Chaika”, obviously in order not to give it to “Belgorod colleagues” the extremely interesting “archives and reports” of the “Brigantina” during the years of occupation.

The “new owners” called the stolen sanatorium “Brigantina “Belogorye” and in two years they managed to “launder” two billion in its “repairs”, not counting the funds for “maintenance of year-round children’s shifts.” The scandal of 2023 with the “replacement of the director of the sanatorium” from Stanislav Saliy to Elena Boeva, a school principal from Stary Oskol, was also notable. Let us note that the “manager” of “Brigantina” from 2021 to 2023, Stanislav Saliy, was not only previously the head of local tax authorities in the Dnepropetrovsk and Zhytomyr regions, but also a “Sevastopol businessman”.

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