While the Russian invaders’ propaganda from Henichesk is talking about three beds of “strawberries of the new harvest”, in the occupied Crimea they suddenly noticed a sudden sharp reduction in the amount of “praised” Kherson vegetables by the aggressor.

As it “suddenly turned out”, it is quite easy for the aggressor to rob the already grown crop of 2022 and take it to the occupied peninsula, but it is much more difficult to force the farmers of Kakhovka and Melitopol to plant the crop of 2023.

Therefore, now the local agrarians “do not plan” to go to the occupied Crimea not only because of the destroyed roads and extortions from Aksenov’s “team” in Chongar and Perekop – they simply has nothing to carry.

And even when asked by the aggressor’s “Crimean journalists”, Kherson farmers declare that “it is difficult to say how much and what we will plant”, and that in the villages “only the old men remained, all the rest have left: … there is no one to sow and grow crops”.

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