As occupiers-controlled media “comfortingly” report, in 2024 the aggressor “abolished customs duties on the import of frozen meat of domestic chickens in the amount of up to 140 thousand tons” in order to “maintain stable prices for these products by increasing supply on the domestic market.” As Crimean residents note on this occasion on social networks, for the aggressor-controlled population the “it’s one kilogram per person, so as not to shit yourself from such abundance.”

At the same time, residents of the occupied peninsula state that the reason for the rise in prices is not “cartel conspiracies” and “increased welfare”, but the fact that producers “do not have access to cheap feed, vaccines and such hated Western equipment with software.” At the same time, it is noted that Crimean producers in these conditions “will pay workers – standardly… with products: droppings, feathers, chickens, coupons…”

Let us note that the criminal “Crimean authorities” have so far come up with the idea of requiring sellers to sell the lowest-quality eggs of “category C2” with a zero markup, that is, at a loss, for the “beautiful picture of cheap eggs.” At the same time, “officials” of the occupiers stated “in response” to residents’ complaints about the cost of eggs that photographs with high price tags for eggs are allegedly “fakes that are posted by correcting the numbers in graphic editors, specifically to mislead citizens.” However, such an “explanation” will only work for Crimeans until their first trip to the store.

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