For more than two weeks, an “egg crisis” erupted both in occupied Crimea and in the aggressor state, associated with a sudden and massive increase in prices for relevant poultry products. The aggressor’s propaganda modestly “omits” the reasons for this collapse, but meanwhile they come down to a banal shortage of imported vaccines and additives, without which, as it turned out, mass production of “modern eggs” would not be possible.

In addition to promises to “saturate the market with Turkish eggs,” the occupiers are frantically looking for extreme ones, announcing such in the person of the illegal agricultural companies “Partizan” from Zhuravlevka near Simferopol and “Oktyabrsky” in Poltavka in the north of the occupied Crimea. The criminal “federal antimonopoly service” announced an alleged “cartel agreement” of their owners to “unreasonably inflate prices”; however, it is worth noting that in Crimea alone, up to ten enterprises produce chicken eggs and the declared “Partisan-October pact” could not radically change the situation.

Well, it remains for us to note the criminal beneficiaries of these companies, called at the level of the Kremlin mouthpieces “egg godfathers” on an almost universal scale. For “Oktyabrsky” this is a collaborator and former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the AR of Crimea from the “Party of Regions” Grigory Globinets with his family, and for “Partizan” this is the same collaborator and former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the ARof Crimea from the “Party of Regions” Petr Kalyn.

The only difference between these two swindlers of the “Crimean spring” is that Globinets was not “reappointed” by the occupiers to the criminal “state council” in 2014, but Kalyn is still listed in it. However, there is no need to fear for their further temporarily comfortable existence in the occupied Crimea, or for the stability of rising egg prices, to which the mentioned figures still have a more indirect relationship.

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