On December 15, experts of our Association, Associate Professor Anna Prikhodko and Professor Borys Babin took an active part in the scientific and practical international conference “Special Tribunal. Reintegration of All Temporarily Occupied Territories. War Crimes. Compensation Mechanism” held in Kyiv under the auspices of the Office of the President of Ukraine. As part of the conference discussions, expert Prikhodko discussed with its participants the key challenges associated with the need for further international legal, organizational and financial institutionalization of the Crimean Platform, as well as its expert network.

Also on December 15, Professor Babin spoke at the VII Medico-Legal Forum held by the National Academy of Law and a number of other institutions, where he spoke about the epidemic situation in the occupied territory, including the vaccination crisis, as well as the aggressor’s attempts to create and test bacteriological weapons at the “Crimean Anti-Plague Station” seized by the Russian Federation .The expert reported on the developments of the “Future of Crimea” strategic forums regarding priority practical steps in the field of healthcare in the subsequent situation of the beginning of the de-occupation of the Crimea, as well as on the analysis of relevant government program acts.

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