Earlier, we reported that immediately after the devastating earthquake in Turkey, the aggressor’s propaganda came up with the idea, through a certain Yuri Volfman, the illegal “director of the Institute of seismology and geodynamics of the Crimean federal university,” to declare that “it is impossible to predict an earthquake in advance,” and it is obviously absurd to point out that “at the same time, such destructive consequences, as in Turkey, do not threaten the peninsula.”

Further, Volfman’s “Moscow colleagues” also issued insignificant sets of phrases, but since it was his theses, due to implausibility, that gave rise to panic on the peninsula, the occupiers-controlled “media” began to “correct the situation”, which added tragicomism to it.

Thus, the aggressor’s propaganda mouthpiece, the illegal channel “Krym 24”, circulated a statement by another illegal “head-seismologist”, a certain Andrey Bessmertny, who stated that, on the one hand, “no vibrations or shocks were found on the territory of the republic,” since the earthquake was allegedly “from far side of Turkey. At the same time, the same “talking heads” stated that allegedly “Crimean seismologists predicted the Turkish earthquake in a week”.

Obviously, those representatives of the aggressor’s special services who wrote “temniks” to Volfman and Bessmertny “were not communicating well with each other,” since the contradictions in their “testimonies about the earthquake” are obvious: either “it’s impossible to predict anything,” or, it turns out, only in the occupied Crimea “everyone can know ahead about earthquakes”.

In addition, Bessmertny’s statement about the alleged “absence of shocks” on the peninsula was deliberately false, since earlier the invaders themselves were forced to publicly admit shocks of two points, which were quite noticed by residents of the upper floors of high-rise buildings in Crimean cities.

However, the main focus of the aggressor’s propaganda in the Crimea is on the mass character of the victims of the current tragic earthquake, literally “savoring” the terrible details. Another speculation is also expected along the lines of the “Crimean muftiate” controlled by the Russian special services, regarding the alleged “collection of assistance to the victims”, on which Emirali Ablaev’s group will criminally try to “promote” the well-known aggressor’s fake narratives.

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