On November 20, the criminal “head of administration” of occupied Yalta, Yanina Pavlenko, boasted of so-called “help” in the form of “300 candles” for the aggressor troops “in the Zaporizhzhya direction,” which were allegedly “produced by students” of the fake “military-patriotic club “Gurda” from Yalta.” . We wrote earlier, regarding the criminal training of aggressor snipers in Crimea, that the backbone of “sports sniping” in Crimea predictably consists of the military and punitive forces of the invaders, including the sports shooting clubs “Dubrovnik”, “Polite People”, “Alpha Shot”, as well as structures “Gurda” and “Shooter” from the criminal “Crimean DOSAAF”.

The criminal “Gurda” was created in 2017 by Viktor and Elena Yankovenko under the control of the occupiers in Simeiz on the basis of the local “shooting range of the Yalta DOSAAF driving school”, and the “registration of the club” was organized by the “liquidator” Oleg Fenko, close to the fake “city administration”, who passed through his hands at least 15 “Yalta sports organizations” from the Russian invaders.

The mentioned Yankovenko was declared by the occupiers not only as a functionary of the criminal “DOSAAF”, but also as a fake “chairman of the all-around shooting sports federation of the Republic of Crimea.” In the name of his mentioned wife, the occupiers in the same Simeiz also “registered” the “firm” “Spetsstroy”, where two more local “businessmen”, Pavel Purtov and Sergei Tsarenko, “checked in”.

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