We have previously written many times about the conflict between two groups of Crimean Tatar collaborators: the “muftiate” Emirali Ablaev, “close” to the criminal Aksyonov, and the “group of comrades” Ruslan Balbek, including Eyvaz Umerov, who ended up in prison as a result of this “storm in a teacup”.

Among other things, this “battle of the giants” also concerned the Simferopol “Suvuk-dere” mosque, where the “Crimean muftiate” of Ablaev incited the aggressor’s punitive forces over the alleged “wrong imam” and “punishment of apostates”; however, punishers’ raids in January and May 2023 showed that the situation was put on pause by the occupiers. And now, after the “re-election” of Ablaev as “Mufti,” the occupiers-controlled “media” reported the detention of Timur Krymbariev and Ridvan Maksudov, allegedly for “seizing a mosque and promoting radical Islam,” and also allegedly for “weapons and ammunition” and “malicious resistance during operational-search activities.”

The personality of Krymbariev, a probable relative of Balbek, is quite colorful: before the occupation, he was, together with Sergei Borodkin, a co-founder of the “Ukrkrymnefteproducts” enterprise and in 2014 he tried to get into both the criminal “Alushta town council” of the occupiers and to their “public chamber”, moreover… from the “executive committee of the council of Slavic peoples”. However, further on, the semi-criminal Krymbariev remained in a supporting role and, among other things, was seen as the “founder of the sports club” “Mangup”, training Kuresh wrestlers.

In this situation, the circles of collaborators are actively discussing the prospects for this “imam case” for Krymbariev’s old accomplice in the oil business, Borodkin, who has been regularly listed as a criminal “deputy of the state council” and “member of the political council of the Crimean regional branch” of “Putin’s party” throughout the years of occupation.

Sergei Borodkin was a longtime associate of the criminal “head” Sergei Aksyonov in the “Seylem” group and participated in laundering stolen funds, fraud with lands and covering up the murders of “inconvenient witnesses” such as the Yalta social activist Viktor Cherkasov. It is noteworthy that, like Krymbariev, Borodkin, who is close to the criminal world, during the period of occupation acquired fake “titles” such as “honorary president of the boxing federation”, “president of TSK-Tavria”, “president of the Crimean football union” and so on.

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