On October 26, our Association’s expert Professor Borys Babin made a presentation at the international seminar “Legal qualification of crimes against the environment: joining forces at the national and international levels”.

The purpose of the seminar was to develop proposals for changes to national legislation, to advocate for changes to international legal instruments in this area, as well as recommendations for national law enforcement agencies to improve the quality of pre-trial investigation of crimes related to harm to the environment.

The seminar was organized by the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Training Center for Prosecutors of Ukraine, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the inter-factional association of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “For the Environment against Ecocide” and the international charitable organization “Ecology-Right-Human”.

In his speech, Professor Babin drew special attention to the ecocide proceedings that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies carried out before the large-scale aggression, in particular related to the occupied Crimea, and reported on the relevant analytical developments of our Association.

The expert noted the need to timely identify, evaluate and counter the aggressor’s provocations related to the accusation of Ukrainian officials of alleged “ecocide,” in particular at the international level.

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