The occupiers’ propagandists “suddenly became puzzled” by the “burning management problem”: “does Sevastopol need” the criminal “post of head of government” The corresponding “wave of emotions” was born against the backdrop of a “research” from the Moscow “Center for the development of regional policy” of the work of “governors and heads of government” of 11 regions of Russia and the occupied Crimea, where, as is known, since October 2019, the occupiers have carried out a “separation” between the criminal “head of republic” Sergei Aksyonov and the illegal “head of government” Yuri Gotsanyuk.

In occupied Sevastopol, this criminal “Crimean reform” was not carried out and coincided with the criminal “appointment” of Mikhail Razvozhaev as “governor,” whose “position” was not “split” then. Now the “media” controlled by the aggressor “has the task of proving” why what was criminally “introduced” in the Crimea is “unnecessarily” in Sevastopol; In general, the rants on this subject by such a full-time FSB employee as the “Crimean political scientist” Vladimir Dzharalla boil down to the fact that Gotsanyuk’s chair is a purely “technical position”, and supposedly “real power and management remain with the head of the region”.

In fact, Aksyonov’s “real power” is maximally limited by his Kremlin puppet masters and overseers from the special services; in this regard, the “federal appointee” and former federal minister Razvozhaev “weighed” much more for the Kremlin, even before Aksyonov’s “tragic mistake” in his public stormy “friendship” with the leadership of the terrorist “Wagner”.

In addition, the “governor” in Sevastopol, against the backdrop of the key command of the fleet for the Kremlin, on the one hand, has always been a “demi-monde lady” and “entertainer for the commander”. But at the same time, Razvozhaev’s close connection with the steadily “gaining strength” of the aggressor’s army helped him “take his nose to the wind” in matters of “Wagner” even before his rebellion and now count on a lot in the Kremlin in the processes of “drift of the elites” further and further into the corridors of the Russian General Staff. Under these conditions, the Russian military does not need another “civil jacket” in occupied Sevastopol for the criminal “post of head of government”, and that is why it will not appear there most likely until the de-occupation of the city.

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