As the aggressor-controlled “Crimean” media the have been saying over the past couple of days, “a psychological assistance service for civil seafarers will be created” on the Russia-occupied peninsula.

At the same time, referring to Roman Parshin, “a member of the scientific and expert council of the maritime board” of the aggresso’s government, it is stated that Russian-controlled merchant fleet sailors allegedly “often find themselves in absurd situations and face injustice in the ports of Europe”.

At the same time, some allegedly “unreasonable detentions and arrests of the crews of Russian civilian merchant ships”, allegedly “unreasonable bans on going ashore, problems with visas”, and so on were announced.

However, the illegality of the “Crimean maritime documents” issued by the Russian invaders, has long become well known, and the “increase in calls to the hotline from sailors of merchant ships” mentioned by propaganda in 2021 can be tritely explained by the problems of quarantine restrictions that then affected the entire global maritime business.

But what is much more interesting here is not the fake “reasons” for the “psychological assistance service”, but the personality of Parshin himself, in fact, the general director of “Rosflotservice” as a Novorossiysk-located structure, engaged in the “service maintenance of ships” of Russia’s navy, FSB border guards and the Rossguard in Black Sea water areas.

Therefore, the criminal tasks of the promised “service” are obvious, this is the assistance to the Russian special services in working with the Crimean sailors, and the direct recruitment of “cannon fodder” among the latter for the aggressor’s military maritime structures.

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