On March 20, “The Washington Post” published an opinion by “Russian independent journalist” Maria Ilyushina, dedicated to the consequences of Russian aggression in the territory controlled by Russia.

Among other things, the Ilyushina’s column contained a manipulative statement, from which the reader might think that the allegedly criminal “Crimean Bridge” is not located in Ukraine. Let us ote that this Ilyushina in 2015 was “exposed” as an editor of the Russian media “Rusbase”.

At the same time, in the illustrations for the same article, Crimea is marked as “territory annexed by Russia”, this graphic was made by another journalist, Janice Kai Chen.

This illegal manipulation by Ilyushina is not something new, for example, in her previous articles in the same “The Washington Post”, cases of allegedly “good Russians”, “helping Ukrainian refugees” and so on were often described.

However, later on “Twitter”, this publication of “The Washington Post” account was promptly corrected, taking into account the requests of readers and the requirements of international law, indicating the manipulation of the author and stating the fact that Crimea is internationally recognized as Ukrainian territory. On behalf of our Association, Professor Boris Babin sent a separate appeal on this issue to “The Washington Post” with reminders of the need to comply with international law and respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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