On September 29, occupiers -controlled “media” reported that the criminal “general director” of the fake “Krymteplokomunenergo” Eduard Selivanov “wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will,” and this “own desire” clearly arose not from him personally, but from the criminal Sergei Aksyonov.

Earlier we wrote that after the obvious recent “catch-up” from Marat Khusnullin against the backdrop of “complete lawlessness” from “Krymenergo”, which, as they write on social networks, imposed, as they write on social networks, previously unprecedented corruption “taxes” for “connecting facilities”, the only option for Aksyonov became “imitation of vigorous activity” and after a demonstrative “witch hunt” among the “electricians”, it was the turn of the “thermal engineers”.

The main “root of the scam” that caused the Kremlin’s violent discontent was the allegedly large-scale “additions for losses” of electrical and thermal energy in the worn-out systems of the occupied peninsula, which in the current conditions of the fuel crisis and the new “heating season” the occupiers perceive quite nervously: liquid fuel for boiler houses today in Crimea is becoming a scarce resource.

Let us recall that collaborator Selivanov became a criminal “energy engineer” in October 2021, and before that he was the criminal “head of administration” of occupied Dzhankoy. Before the occupation, the former military man Selivanov rose to the rank of deputy head of the Dzhankoy district administration and in this position went over to the side of the aggressor.

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