Russian occupiers’ propaganda is spreading another “keyword speech” by the criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov dated June 20, in which the seasoned swindler-developer from “Consol” tried to “prove” that the main thing is supposedly not the economy, but the “search for meanings”.

Here Konstantinov’s speechwriters are obviously trying to be “in the stream” of the “new Kremlin doctrines”, in which “cities on airships” from Dugin are combined with a “nuclear strike” on Prague, Krakow and Budapest from Karaganov.

However, Konstantinov did not forget, having long been “building relationships” in his mafia-corruption clan with many “employees” on “special motives of personal devotion”, and talk about the fight against the “LGBT agenda and other perversions cultivated and promoted there” as about “fight for life”.

However, personally Konstantinov, in the “struggle for life”, was clearly not in the mood to burn at the proposals of Dugin and Karaganov in an atomic fire, and therefore he suggested understanding nuclear blackmail as a “demonstration of readiness”, stating that his analogy was a certain “series of recent strikes on centers of acceptance decisions”, under which allegedly “representatives of the highest military leadership of Ukraine fell”, which allegedly “has not happened before”.

The fact, that the alleged “targets of the strike”, specifically named by Konstantinov in the form of Valery Zaluzhny and Kirill Budanov, as of the day of the “speaker’s” speech, were clearly in good health and in a working mood, did not bother the speechwriters of the “Consol” beneficiary, since even the aggressor’s propaganda has long been suggesting to his speeches be treated in the style of the famous aphorism “I believe because it is absurd”.

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