The other day in the occupied Sevastopol, aggressor’s deputy Minister of defense of the Timur Ivanov was seen, who, together with the criminal “governor”, decided to “inspect” the construction of a “new military hospital with 150 beds”.

This project did not become an eternal long-term construction among the occupiers, not only because of the obvious demand, but also because it is being built by the military aggressors, who are “little interested” in how much “budgetary funds” are written off for them.

Let us recall that the previous result of such slave labor of the soldiers of the invaders was a lake at the site of a construction pit in the Chersonesus area, which the aggressor’s Ministry of defense could not cope with, and pretended that “everything was planned that way.”
However, it is unlikely that criminal “veterans” of Russian aggression will be able to enjoy the views of this lake or other locations of the occupied city from their window.

Because, as the invaders admitted, their families, “claiming land plots in Sevastopol”, previously promoted by the aggressor, are now “united into one line with those with many children”.
That is, the deadline for “registration of a plot” for criminal “veterans” is now set to “a little earlier than never”, and out of three thousand “applications submitted”, even only 700 were “put on the queue”.

Against this background, it is not surprising that the criminal “administration” curtailed all previously promoted “tourism support programs”, of which only a small sum was left for 2023 for the “reconstruction and improvement of Victory Park” near which, by a “wonderful coincidence”, another illegal construction of a high-rise building is planned in the interests of collaborator Pavel Lebedev.

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