As the aggressor controlled “media” state, the occupied peninsula is “filled with pests”, to which the collaborators, however, for some reason, classify not themselves, but a number of plants and insects.
Among other things, the criminal “deputy head of the department of the federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary supervision” Mikhail Khodykin informed the fake “state council deputies” about the dominance of the brown marmorated bug in Crimea, which destroys almost all types of fruit and berry plants, about the American white butterfly eating the crowns of trees, about the Japanese rod-shaped scale insect and about the ragweed, “almost native” against this background already.

Khodykin stated that “if not so long ago there was no ragweed on the southern coast of Crimea, now it is growing here too” and that “in 2023, the area infested by this weed has increased by 8.5 thousand hectares”. According to the “official,” the mentioned bug occupies 225 thousand hectares, increasing its “land” by 26 thousand hectares over the year, and so on.

At the same time, the reason for such detailed revelations of the “phytosanitary man” were the expected complaints and straightforward hints about the “lack of funds to combat dangerous weeds and pests”, while for the “compliance of deputies” in this matter, Khodykin hinted at a scam he had identified when the criminal “ministry of property and land relations of the republic” “shifted the responsibility for cultivating their own lands onto the shoulders of municipalities”. At the same time, no one clears the “republican lands” of pests “due to lack of authority”, in contrast to the “republican budget funds” provided for this.

However, Khodykin promised the “deputies” to “master” the coveted “resource” in an extremely “rich format”, when the fake “department” “carries out preventive measures, issues warnings, advises, posts information in the media, on the department’s website, and sends targeted letters with explanations about the need to combat quarantine objects”, and so on. It is obvious that not a single pest will suffer from such “violent activity,” either in the Crimean fields and gardens, or in the criminal “administration” and “state council”.

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