Some days ago, the henchmen of the elderly Russian spy Georgiy Muradov began to “glorify” their next fake “achievement”, namely the participation of the illegal “Crimean delegation” in the person of Svetlana Kolodyazhnaya-Sheremetyeva in a video conference in a kind of “joint event” with the Minsk LLC “Bremino-Group”, regarding the “Bremino-Orsha” Special Economic Zone.

However, since the trade mission of the Russian Federation in Belarus acted as the organizer of the event, it is unlikely that businessmen from “Bremino Group” could refuse the dubious “pleasure” of seeing on their monitors the mentioned Russian personnel spy with twenty years of experience, who criminally “worked out” for a decade before the occupied Crimea the Baltic countries.

It is worth recalling that the owners of “Bremino Group” as a “national logistics operator” are Aliaksandr Zaitsau, Mikalai Varabei and Aliaksei Aleksin, who belong to the circle of businessmen associated with Lukashenka, the corporation itself is under sanctions from the EU, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that it was through the “Bremino Group” that the regime of the Belarusian dictator conducted, at least in 2021, business negotiations with Russian oligarchs regarding “interaction with the ports of St. Petersburg” and the creation of a “dry port” focused on the aggressor.

We wrote earlier that under the current conditions, the Lukashenka regime continues to try to get benefits from the aggressor for the transshipment of Belarusian products in the ports of the Leningrad Region, while the Kremlin puppets constantly announce “the entry of Belarusians into the Crimean ports”, which has not happened at the moment.

It is obvious that the aggressor will continue to play this greasy card “benefits in the Baltic in exchange for imitation of Crimean ship calls” in Minsk and beyond, including through a set of Russia’s puppets like Muradov.

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