On May 22, the elderly Russian spy Georgy Muradov decided to remind himself of himself, stating that supposedly “the White House in the person of Sullivan … approved the outbreak of a nuclear war”.

Let us recall that US officials indicated that they do not welcome the use of weapons supplied to Ukraine, which were previously reported by the US and Ukrainian authorities, on the territory of the Russian Federation itself, while specifying that the occupied Crimea, of course, does not belong to the territory of Russia.

At the same time, Muradov began to threaten “Russian strikes” against the European NATO countries. However, these statements of the fake “representative” are characterized not so much by their criminality, but by the fact that the once-stealing Russian “diplomat” is no longer taken seriously by “colleagues” from among the occupiers and collaborators.

For example, a certain “Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences” Vadim Kozyulin stated that since no one recognizes the Crimean Peninsula as a “Russian region”, “following this logic, Kiev can attack Crimea” precisely as its own territory, “so there is no great novelty in this” and that “Crimean residents need to be ready”.

It is obvious that the theme of the “terrible blow of retaliation” remained with the aggressor in the role of “talking heads” like Muradov, that is, “the third grade of freshness”, aired solely out of hopelessness.

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